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The SG 550 is an assault rifle manufactured by Swiss Arms AG (formerly a division of Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft now known as Sig Holding AG) in Switzerland. « SG » is an abbreviation for Sturmgewehr, or « assault rifle ».The rifle is based on the earlier 5.56mm SG 540

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Historique. Le Sig-550 fut précédé dès les années 1960 du prototype SG 530-1, jamais mis en production, puis des versions SIG-Manurhin SG-540/542/543 destinée à l’exportation dès leur conception [1] et fabriqués en France.. Technique. Le SIG 550 règlementaire en Suisse utilise la munition 5,6 mm Suisse conçue pour une portée normale de 300 mètres.

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550 Series Info and Images: The SIG-Philes: SIG Pistol and Rifle Info: Unofficial SIG-Sauer Homepage: Covers Pistols and Bolt Actions

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Development of the SIG SG 550 assault rifle commenced in the late 1970s. This weapon was officially adopted by the Swiss army in 1990 as the Stgw.90.

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There are not a lot of electronic devices that are used in the sniping profession. Because of this, most of the development of products for sniping happens at a much slower pace than modern technology.

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The latest generation of the SIG SG 550 rifle series is the SIG-Sauer SIG556 series. Due to import restrictions by the BATF, SIG builds these new version rifles in the United States.

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SIG SG 550 Image courtesy of the Gunnery Network. There is an old saying, « Switzerland doesn’t have an army, it is an army. » Nearly every eligible Swiss Male serves in the Swiss Army as a regular, or reservist until he is 40.

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Il SIG SG 550, anche conosciuto come Fass 90 o StGw 90, è un fucile d’assalto prodotto dalla Swiss Arms AG (in precedenza SIG, Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft) di Neuhausen am Rheinfall, in Svizzera.La denominazione SG è un’abbreviazione per Sturmgewehr, fucile d’assalto. Il fucile è basato sul precedente SIG SG 540 sempre in calibro 5,56 mm.

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El SIG SG 550 (Sturmgewehr 90) es un fusil de asalto fabricado por Swiss Arms AG (anteriormente Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft) de Suiza.Se considera uno de los fusiles de asalto más precisos fabricados en serie. Incluye de serie un bípode de plegado integral y una culata plegable.

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Das SG550, auch SIG 550 oder Sturmgewehr 90, abgekürzt Stgw 90, ist ein leichtes Sturmgewehr, das von der Schweizerischen Industrie-Gesellschaft entwickelt und hergestellt wurde. Es ist die Standardwaffe der Schweizer Armee.Bis heute wurden etwa 450’000 Sturmgewehre 90 an die Schweizer Armee geliefert. Die französische Bezeichnung der Waffe lautet Fusil d’assaut 90, die italienische …

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Anti-Tank Rifles. This is an obsolete category of weapons most of which are not really even sniper rifles: they are presented here for ease of looking them up, and because they are usually incorporated in the « sniper rifles » section of a page if they are present.

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Military Issued Sniper Rifles. This is the place where we keep an up to date list of sniper rifles used by the armed forces from around the world.

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SIG SG550 SP 民間用の半自動バージョン。装弾数が10発になっている。スイス国内で販売される場合はSturmgewehr 90 PEと呼ばれる。 ザウエル&ゾーンブランドでSIG sport 550として発売されている。 SIG SG550 Sniper 狙撃用バージョンで、軍および警察の射撃手(射撃徽章所有者)・狙撃手によって …

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